CBD Pain Relief Rub: Does Hemp Oil Improve Massages?

If you, or someone you know, suffers from a chronic condition that effects the muscles and joints, then it is important to understand how massage therapy can often be a vital part of dealing with pain and loss of mobility.

Speaking from personal experience, as someone who suffers from severe RA and fibromyalgia, a good massage with CBD can mean the difference between getting things done or spending the day in bed.

My Experience & What I Learned

I take a sublingual CBD tincture daily to help manage the pain, inflammation and stiffness that I contend with on a regular basis. However, during times of increased disease activity, the tincture is added to the mixture of essential massage oils that I normally use.

I was first introduced to CBD around a year ago, but it was not until a month ago that I was told about using it topically. I was skeptical until I did some research and talked with my rheumatologist.

The mechanisms and effects are similar to other topical medications for pain and inflammation, applying CBD topically during a massage can help alleviate symptoms with more accuracy and efficiency

The Science Behind Topical CBD Application

According to numerous sources, including fully documented studies in the NCBI database, not all forms of CBD offer the same level of bioavailability. Pills and elixirs have the poorest absorption rates, as they have to go through the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream.

Sublingual tinctures are the best of the oral forms as they enter the bloodstream through the tissues inside the cheeks and under the tongue. Transdermal applications provide direct delivery to the affected cells, without needing to circulate through the bloodstream, which also translates to noticeable relief more quickly.

Massage Techniques That Work Best

The number of variables involved in determining which technique is the best is too great to give a universal answer. The main reason for this is because each person’s needs will require a different technique, which means I can only speak on what works well for me.

I experience bilateral joint pain as well as central nerve pain in my shoulders and back. For my wrists and knees I do self massage with simple circular motions to work the CBD infused mixture into the joints.

When it comes to my shoulders and back, my husband is typically my helping hands. He uses efflurage (commonly called Swedish massage technique) with jojoba oil then, once my muscles have been gently relaxed, he uses friction techniques with the CBD infused massage blend.

The following video demonstrates these techniques as well as a few others that are pretty common and effective:

What You Should Take Away

From my personal experience, and from what professionals have stated, adding CBD to massages can greatly improve their effectiveness.

Do you feel the same way? Have you tried CBD with massage? What were your results, did you use a different technique than those I mentioned? I would love to hear your feedback, so please comment below.

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