Pleasure Positive

Getting into the right frame of mind is crucial to enjoying a pleasure positive experience. We understand it's not always as easy as we'd like it to be to get there.

Maybe you worry because of work. Maybe you worry because of how you look or how you think you smell. You might worry you won't be able to please your partner or even put too much pressure on yourself to have an orgasm of your own.

A pleasure positive experience is moving past any of these inhibitions and focusing on the intimacy you and your partner deserve.

Improved Sensations

CBD increases blood flow and nerve sensation, which can help enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms for all parties. 

The combination of CBD and aromatherapy from essential oils plays together nicely in Mellow By Design topicals. The result is an experience that relaxes your muscles and your mind... leaving yo

Express Yourself Freely

Fight back against "headaches".

CBD helps your sexual inhibition and excitation systems (SIS & SES) work together to help boost your sex drive to the next level. 

When Stress & Anxiety are present, the SIS can actually prevent the SES from doing it's job. 

By addressing and relieving the stress, you are able to reach a new level of sexiness that would be difficult to achieve with a preoccupied mind.

Relieves Pain

You may experience pain from nagging or job related injuries. You may experience pain during intercourse. Whatever the reason you feel pain, CBD can help.


Many of us will have a couple of drinks to help assist with inhibitions. In a lot of ways, this only contributes to the problems as opposed to help alleviate them.

You won’t get high from hemp based CBD products. You will get an overall sense of calm and relaxation, but be completely present and focused on the moment. 

Mellow By Design Topicals are a quality driven, natural addition to your Oh My! Sensuality shop experience.  We source only the finest organic ingredients for our entire product line.

***** Remember that oil based products don’t work well with latex condoms. To work with oil based lubricants be sure to use polyurethane condoms (e.g. Trojan Supra) *****

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