50 mg 3 oz CBD Bath Bomb


Indulge with Mellow By Design’s soothing, hand made natural CBD bath bombs.

We combine our proprietary CBD infused hemp oil with organic essential oils and salts. The result is so much more than just fizz. Our inspired formulas help to soothe your senses while the premium ingredients nourish your skin.

The orange and lavender essential oils in the Relaxing formula help melt the anxiety and stress from your day away. Nothing will better help stabilize your mood and ease the tension in your body than one of our bath bombs.

The grapefruit and wintergreen essential oils in the Energizing formula collide to promote clarity and energy while soothing your aches and pains. Rejuvenate your mind and body so you’re ready to get right back out there!

You can’t go wrong, the quality and amount of CBD in both formulas will leave you feeling more relaxed and refreshed than you thought was possible!

Every ingredient of these delightful CBD bath bombs possible are organic and eco friendly. The cellophane is biodegradable and the labels are made from recycled materials.


Fill your tub with warm water. Unwrap and drop in the bath bomb. Sit back and enjoy the luxurious experience! Allow yourself at least 30 minutes to fully realize the effects of the CBD and essentially oils.

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