300 mg 30 ml CBD Pet Drops

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These 30ml (1 oz) pet drops contain 300 mg of our high quality, premium CBD Isolate.

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Specifically formulated for your pet’s health needs including anxiety, allergies, arthritis/joint pain, fear of loud noises, inflammation, spasms, skin conditions and more.


As with all of our products, Mellow By Design pet drops are made of non-gmo, organic, food grade materials in the USA. In fact, these are so pure and gentle you could take them yourself!


With no terpenes in our blend, our drops are safe for cats as well as dogs.

2 reviews for 300 mg 30 ml CBD Pet Drops

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Donna M

    We were just introduced to this by my brother. We have a 12 1/2 year old Sheppard that was just diagnosed with deterioration of her spine. She was having a terrible time with her back legs, really slowing down, so we had X-ray’s done to check her hips. (Very common in Sheppard’s) Hips are great!! Spine not so good.

    They told us not much they can do but put her on meds for inflammation to help with the pain. My brother is one of our Sheppard’s favorite people. She gets EXTREMELY excited when he comes around. I was telling him about her, and then he brought me a bottle of the CBD for pets. We just finished that bottle and are on our second.

    She has been feeling GREAT!

    She still hates the stairs, because she looses her footing BUT…. every night when we get home from work she wants to play like a puppy, she starts running around (slipping sometimes of course, but gets right back up) throwing her toys. Barks at you to get your attention to play with her. She can not tell us , but if she has any pain, it seems it is minimal. She seems to have her spunk back! Thank you!!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This oil has been a life saver for our 1 1/2 year old pitbul, Blu. Little did we know when we rescued him that he was HIGH ENERGY and HIGH ANXIETY. When left alone he would tear up the house… we’ve lost pillows, blankets, kids toys, shoes, remote controls you name it. Blu would hyperventalate and drool continuously when left in his crate as well so we resorted to barracating him in 1 room and hoping for the best. 

    Trying to build our relationship with Blu suffered, how can you truly bond with a dog when you develop your own anxieties & stress over what he will destroy next? We began to think if getting Blu was the best idea for our family. Then we found Mellow and our LIVES HAVE CHANGED! 

    We give him his daily dose (6 drops, 1 drop for every 10lbs) in the morning on his food or snack and he has been calmer and less anxious. He still plays and is his energetic puppy self but when left alone his anxiety level has clearly dropped & destruction has decreased dramatically. Instead of walking in the house scared of what I will find in pieces, I now walk in excited to be greeted by his wagging tail. 

    I will disclaim that I felt discouraged when first giving this to Blu. I think I was expecting some magic pill to “fix” our anxieous dog instantly. Well there is no magic fix but this is the best thing we’ve found to work. Once I started using it correctly (at first I missed a few dose here and there) his transformation began to occur. I found that when I give it to him everyday first thing in the morning is when it has the greatest affects. 

    MELLOW BY DESIGN PET DROPS have been a life changer for Blu and our family. I’m not saying he hasn’t had an accident since he has starting this oil but he is much more relaxed and the accidents are far between.

    So happy with our purchase, WORTH EVERY PENNY!

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