Hemp CBD Isolate Tincture: Pain Terpene Blend


If you suffer with sore muscles or joints as well as other minor aches and pains, our Pain formula enhances the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD with our special terpene blend of Caryophyllene and Myrcene. These terpenes are well known for the analgesic properties, as well as Myrcene’s ability to amplify the effectiveness of CBD.

This tried and true recipe will quickly become your favorite seeking respite from a long active day as well as those suffering from chronic minor muscle and joint pain and fatigue.

How It’s Made:
All of our tinctures are hand-crafted using high quality, non-GMO pure Coconut MCT oil, rich in C8 and C10; combined with our 99+% pure CBD Isolate, derived entirely from Industrial Hemp.

Our flavored tinctures, such as Every Day Cinnamon and Every Day Mint use all-natural extracts.

Our specialty tinctures, such as Sleep Assist, Pain and Calming are enriched with our proprietary blends of all-natural botanical terpenes, designed to maximize their effectiveness by taking advantage of the “entourage effect”.

To achieve the best results, tinctures are best used on a daily regimen, taking a dose (half a dropper full) 2 to 3 times a day. Simply squeeze the liquid out of the dropper underneath your tongue and let it be absorbed for 30 – 45 seconds, then swallow the remaining liquid.

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